Margaux Bouviers welcomes you to the world of the Bouvier des Flandres, one of the world's most intelligent and versatile breeds. Here, you will learn more about our world -- the world of puppies and adult Bouviers, of show dogs and our beloved pets.  With his stable temperament, devotion, and willful nature, the Bouvier is a working dog like no other and the relationship between this dog and his family is truly unique.


Bouviers originated in Belgium and were used as cattle herding dogs and all purpose farm dogs. They were also used extensively as messenger dogs, ambulance dogs, cart-dogs, and personal protectors. Their adaptability and even temperament have enabled them to excel at police work, therapy work, and search and rescue.


You are soon to learn about the world, according to the Bouvier, as he extends you a paw in friendship, a well known Bouvier trait.

Our Home

Since 1989, our home has been an ideal environment to raise puppies and support a secure lifestyle for our adults.  It sits on eight acres with multiple fenced yards, providing plenty of room for play and exercise.  No matter what season, every dog from puppy to mature adult, lives an active and stimulating life.